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sticky sweet toffees

Were in the 5th round. yeahhhh!!! The tie will be played at GoodisonPark . Our dear Bily has said his farewell and will be off soon. Thanks Bily and all the best. Straq has finally got off the mark with his brilliant header in the FA Cup against Fulham. Erm BK is still there at the helm of the club tho :(



Yes. It can be. Very much so. Ask Andy Murray. Or Nadal. Or any Everton fans out there. These things happen. Bah!

du hast mich

rammstein. what a cool song. uber alles. have a listen (non metal heads need not apply)


Impending elections part zwei section ii

Why indeed ;-)
Here is a possible list:
1) its oblivious that anak perdana menteri will get almost automatic guaranteed shot at the position.
2) how many times we in malaysia have menyaksikan that if one is politically well connected enough therefore no matter what crime that person does, he shall be acquitted or extradited somewhere
3) we earn a lot of money. but with rubbish buying power.
4) we pay taxes. but the trains are late. My kids education are rubbish. Properties are ridiculously priced. Healthcare is nothing compared to the NHS in the Uk.
5) buckingham palace. how old is the building again? :-)

thats it for now. boleh citer smp pagi esok pon. malas.
Gonna swim 1km in the morning! hell yeah!!!


impending elections part zwei

the list of irritating occurences and annoying state of affairs is non exhaustive. in fact, it can be endless. The common rakyat is subject to a myriad of calamities. But then again, majority of the learned ones choose to ignore this blatant irresponsible leadership. i could not fathom why. Graduates come from many so called developed nations are not even registered voters. Why? Lets have a look in the next post. I nak pergi main futsal. Happy CNY yall ;-)


Impending elections part 1

Dear potential leaders,

1) Reduce corruption
2) Abolish political monarchy
3) Stop reliance on PETRONAS
4) Stop wasting rakyat's money
5) Bring Malaysia up to speed with Singapore/HK/UAE/Australia etc etc
6) Why can't we be a republic instead?
7) Vehicle taxes. What the fuck for?
8) Remove cock suckers and politicians from sports management
9) Remove scandalous people and their retarded families from the political scene
10)Government representatives and their immediate families should be banned from running businesses